Predicting Student Success:

Selected Publications and Research Reports

  1. Seyed Sajjadi, Bruce Shapiro, Christopher McKinlay, Allen Sarkisyan, Carol Shubin, Efunwande Osoba (2017) Finding Bottlenecks: Predictng Student Attrition with Unsupervised Classifier. IEEE Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys-2017, 9/10 Sept. 2017, London, UK, Proceedings In Press). (Draft of Poster can be seen here. Higher resolution will be made available after the conference. Link to the IEEE proceedings will be made available after the conference.)
  2. Alex Alekseenko, Arman Terzyan, Bruce Shapiro, and Carol Shubin (2017) Measuring student success in M150A/M255A Calculus I and M103 Business Math (in preparation).
  3. Analysis of Student Success, Martinez, Jorge and Miller, Andrew preprint of paper to be published in Mission College Undergraduate Research Journal (MURJ), 2015.
  4. Does Instructor Matter? Grade Variation Among Math Courses at CSUN (pdf file; research report, 2015)
  5. The Mathematics Grade Point Differential at CSUN (pdf file; research report, 2015)
  6. AASCU Presentation (7/24/2015, pdf file)